Fannek is a full month of programmes dedicated to celebrating the exciting world of public art.

Public art brings colour and dialogue to the streets and buildings of Qatar. Fannek helps us highlight and celebrate the many wonderful works of art – from striking sculptures and specially commissioned photography – spread across Doha and beyond. This month-long programme of events offered each autumn brings you behind the scenes as you explore Qatar's immersive, informal and interactive public art scene.

As a Culture Pass member, you will have the chance to attend:


Get closer to the art and the artists and find out more about the public art scene in Qatar via talks held throughout the month.


Visit some of Qatar's most famous public art spots on one of our specially guided tours. Sites include:

  • Qatar Foundation Public Art Tours
  • Richard Serra's iconic sculpture East-West / West-East
  • Public Art Tour at Katara
  • Public Art Tour at NMoQ

Learn more, enhance your skills and get inspired at one of our many public art workshops.

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