Tawazun by Shua’a Ali

Inspired by construction debris, with Tawazun Shua’a Ali explores the relationship between past and present-day Doha.

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Shua’a Ali (b. 1974) is a Qatari artist who is recognized for her innovative approach to using natural materials in conversation with culture and present-day experiences.

Inspired by construction debris and neshan, (location marks) found in both urban and desert environments, the artist explores the relationship between past and present-day Doha, using symbolic stacking of materials to create visionary, balanced, agglomerative sculptural forms.

Constructed from various materials including granite, sandstone and limestone, Tawazun is a pillar that symbolizes the progress of Qatar. The geometric interaction of elements in the sculpture juxtaposes the difficulties posed by the crisis of the blockade in 2017, with the stability Qatar was able to create for itself.

The large-scale sculpture also represents an equilibrium of traditional and modern elements found in Qatar’s infrastructure and heritage.

A large-scale geometric sculpture positioned in the center

Shua'a Ali (b. 1974). Tawazun, 2022 .Granite, sandstone and limestone; 1.35 x 1.35 x 3.5 m. Photo: Sarjoun Faour, courtesy of Qatar Museums ©2022.