Contemporary Qatar

A view of Smoke, a black metal geometric sculpture by Tony Smith set against a backdrop of tall buildings in Doha

Qatar is home to one of the world's finest and most diverse collections of contemporary art, and Qatar Museums is at the centre of it all. Our museum and gallery exhibitions, public art installations, artist residency programmes and more all contribute to supporting and sustaining a thriving arts scene for today and tomorrow.

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We are proud of the extraordinary talent of the new generation of artists emerging in Qatar.

Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Chairperson, Qatar Museums

Explore Our Contemporary Public Art

A bronze thumb sculpture in the middle of Souq Waqif, with a number of buildings and cafes in the background.

Pouce (Thumb)

The installation of César's Pouce in Souq Waqif continues the programme of installations by major artists at unexpected locations throughout Qatar.
Cross-section view of the 250 feet, 8 sided steel plate of Richard Serra's sculpture '7' right outside MIA

7 by Richard Serra

In Islamic culture, the number seven has spiritual significance. Richard Serra pays homage to this in this sculpture – constructed from seven steel plates.
A wide shot of Richard Serra's East-West-West-East at sunset

East-West/West-East by Richard Serra

International artist Richard Serra adds the astonishing East-West/West-East sculpture to the desert landscape, taking art to the people.
A series of 14 sculptures depicting the human gestational cycle, from conception to birth, located outside Sidra Medicine

The Miraculous Journey by Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst’s The Miraculous Journey speaks of the beauty of the extraordinary human reproductive process, occuring every day at Sidra Medicine as well as all across the globe, every second.
A close shot of two of the three sculptures showing heads wearing military gear, with one wearing a face cover and the other a gas mask

Gandhi’s Three Monkeys by Subodh Gupta

Located in the midst of Katara, Doha’s bustling cultural village, Gandhi’s Three Monkeys by Subodh Gupta captures attention.
A large golden sculpture 'Cosmos' constructed of many concentric circular shapes suspended from the ceiling within an airport terminal

Hamad International Airport Public Art Installations

The art displayed at Hamad International Airport makes a big impression.
Bright gold-coloured sculpted falcon on the side of the road leading to Hamad International Airport

Falcon by Tom Claassen

Tom Claassen's abstract representation of Qatar’s national bird welcomes travelers to Hamad International Airport.
A view of Smoke, a black metal geometric sculpture by Tony Smith set against a backdrop of tall buildings in Doha

Smoke by Tony Smith

Open and inviting, profound yet serene, the giant geometric components of Smoke by Tony Smith fills the surrounding space, towering over people below as they make their way.
A close-up of Perceval, the lifesize bronze sculpture of a shire horse created by Sarah Lucas

Perceval by Sarah Lucas

Located at Aspire Park in Doha, Perceval is a life-size bronze sculpture of a shire horse, more than two metres wide and four metres long.
A close-up shot from under the sculpture showing the detailed bronze and stainless steel work around the Maman's body

Maman by Louise Bourgeois

Through marble, bronze and stainless steel, Bourgeois reveals the beauty in an initially intimidating object.
A long shot of a hallway in Lusail decorated with El Seed's mural art

Calligraffiti by eL Seed

Each of the 52 murals in eL Seed’s Calligraffiti is inspired by an aspect of life in Qatar.
White sculptures consisting of multiple unique “head-in-the-hole” panels

Liam Gillick: Folded Extracted Personified

Folded Extracted Personified is a large-scale interactive work installed throughout MIA Park consisting of multiple unique "head-in-the-hole" panels.
Lifesize installation showcasing bronze sculpted hands playing handball

Lusail Handball Installations

The artworks at Lusail Gallery celebrate Qatar's commitment to successfully hosting sporting events and linking art with sport.
Eduardo Chillida artwork at Qatar University

Art Installations at Qatar University

Works by Yousef Ahmad, Eduardo Chillida and Etel Adnan are among the public art installations on the Qatar University campus.