Exhibition Catalogues

Qatar Museums offers a selection of exhibition publications, recording and reflecting on past visiting artists and artworks.

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Experience the fascinating world of KAWS in this ingenious book, published following his hugely popular show in Doha, KAWS: HE EATS ALONE.
Book cover of Adel Abdessemed: L’âge D’or by Pierluigi Tazzi, Angela Mengoni, Abdellah Taia and Hans Ulrich Obrist

Adel Abdessemed: L’âge D’or

Working across a wide range of media, Adel Abdessemed transforms well-known materials and imagery into charged artistic declarations.
Book cover of Etel Adnan: In All Her Dimensions by Hans Ulrich Obrist، Daniel Birnbaum, Simone Fattal and Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

Etel Adnan: In All Her Dimensions

This book on the work of the Lebanese-American visual artist, poet, playwright and essayist Etel Adnan was published to accompany the exhibition at Mathaf in 2014.
Book cover of Forever Now: Five Anecdotes from the Permanent Collection by Mathaf: Arab Museum Of Modern Art

Forever Now: Five Anecdotes from the Permanent Collection

Forever Now: Five Anecdotes from the Permanent Collection presents a selection of 57 works by five artists: Fahrelnissa Zeid, Jewad Selim, Saliba Douaihy, Salim al-Dabbagh, and Ahmed Cherkaoui.
Book cover for Marvellous Creatures: Animal Fables in Islamic Art

Marvellous Creatures: Animal Fables in Islamic Art

This book showcases the real and mythical animals from the legends and fables of the Islamic world as reflected in a range of artworks from the collection of the Museum of Islamic Art.
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Hajj: The Journey Through Art

Published to accompany the exhibition in Doha in 2013, this catalogue takes readers on a journey through the history and experience of Hajj.
Book cover for Sajjil: A Century of Modern Art

Sajjil: A Century of Modern Art

A catalogue on the inaugural exhibition at Mathaf in 2010, this book presents highlights from the Museum's rich collection of works by over 100 regional artists.
Book cover of Swalif: Qatari Art Between Memory and Modernity by Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

Swalif: Qatari Art Between Memory and Modernity

Mathaf’s first publication on Qatari modern artists, Swalif presents intimate responses by 23 artists to the country's rapid transition from a traditional lifestyle.
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Interventions: A Dialogue Between the Modern and the Contemporary

This landmark publication celebrates the careers of five pivotal Arab artists: Dia al-Azzawi, Farid Belkahia, Ahmed Nawar, Ibrahim el-Salahi and Hassan Sharif.
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Cai Guo-Qiang: Saraab

Saraab (‘mirage’ in Arabic) is an ambitious publication that commemorates Cai Guo-Qiang’s rarely shown artworks on paper, canvas and porcelain alongside his spectacular gunpowder explosions.
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Murakami: Ego

In 2012 Qatar Museums presented renowned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami’s first exhibition in the Middle East. This book relives that exhibition.
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Told, Untold, Retold: 23 Stories of Journeys through Time and Space

Told,Untold,Retold features commissioned works by 23 artists with roots in the Arab world, ranging from painting, drawing, and sculpture, to photography, video, and mixed-media installations.
Book cover of Tea with Nefertiti: The Making of the Artwork by the Artist, the Museum and the Public by Mathaf: Arab Museum Of Modern Art

Tea with Nefertiti: The Making of the Artwork by the Artist, the Museum and the Public

This book explores the mechanisms by which artworks come to acquire a range of meanings and functions that can embody a number of diverse narratives.
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Christian Dior

Published for the inaugural exhibition Christian Dior Designer of Dreams at fashion and design hub M7, this elegant catalogue showcases over 90 of the House of Dior’s finest haute couture designs.
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Jeff Koons: Lost in America

Showcasing more than 60 paintings, sculptures and readymades, Jeff Koons: Lost in America takes readers on a unique journey through the artist’s career.
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Art Mill Museum 2030 catalogue

The Art Mill Museum 2030 catalogue contains everything that you need to know about the concept and design of the future museum.
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Mal Lawal 3

Presented at the National Museum of Qatar, the third Mal Lawal exhibition, on view 18 June through 15 September 2021, showcased some of the finest objects owned by private collectors in Qatar
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Labour of Love: New Approaches to Palestinian Embroidery, Second Edition Catalogue

This important book looks at the ancient art of embroidery in Palestinian society and how it has been transformed into a national symbol of patriotism and resistance in the decades following the Nakba of 1948.
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On the Move: Reframing Nomadic Pastoralism

This book provides inspiring new insights into the lifestyles, traditions and achievements of nomadic and semi nomadic pastoral communities from Central Sahara, the Arabian Peninsula and Inner Asia.
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Taysir Batniji: Untitled (Portraits of Martyrs)

This limited-edition artist’s book presents the series Untitled (Portraits of Martyrs) by Taysir Batniji, made in commemoration of Palestinian martyrs.
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Baghdad: Eye’s Delight

Baghdad: Eye’s Delight celebrates the most important and influential city ever to have existed in the Islamic world.
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Beirut and the Golden Sixties

Showcasing work by 39 artists, this book examines a romanticised era of global influence in the Beirut art scene that culminated into a civil war.

Forever Valentino

Immerse yourself in Valentino's looks with this publication that showcases over 150 stunning looks, taking you on a visual journey through the Maison's history.