Tea with Nefertiti: The Making of the Artwork by the Artist, the Museum and the Public

Sam Bardaoil, Till Fellrath

This book, published to accompany the exhibition of the same name at Mathaf in 2012, explores the mechanisms by which artworks come to acquire a range of meanings and functions that can embody a number of diverse narratives. By exploring the contested histories of some Egyptian Museum collections, the exhibition concerned itself with the critique of museology, the staging of the artwork, the writing of art-historical narratives and the employment of mechanisms of visual and literary display as a means of forming, informing and framing cultural otherness.

Edited by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, Tea with Nefertiti features 25 international contemporary artists/collectives, including Ghada Amer, Gilbert & George, Vik Muniz, and William Kentridge, alongside a selection of modernist artists such as Modigliani, Giacometti, Moukhtar and Sabbagh.

Language English/Arabic
Publication date 2012
ISBN 978-9992-195-64-2

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