Mal Lawal 3

By Qatar Museums

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Presented at the National Museum of Qatar, the third Mal Lawal exhibition, on view 18 June through 15 September 2021, showcased some of the finest objects owned by private collectors in Qatar. Mal Lawal (meaning ‘of the past’ in Qatari dialect) explored local heritage from a personal perspective, highlighting the individual stories of the collectors and how they came to acquire their most cherished pieces. This catalogue provides a lasting record of the show, with magnificent photography portraying the range of objects displayed, including antique weapons, traditional Gulf clothing, ancient coins, Islamic antiquities, calligraphic manuscripts, rare Qatari stamps, vintage toys and classic cars.

Languages English/Arabic
Publication date
ISBN 978-9927-108-60-0

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Book cover of Mal Lawal 3 by Qatar Museums