Art Installations at Qatar University

In collaboration with Qatar University (QU) and following consultation with members of the local Qatari student community, Qatar Museums has installed artworks in prominent locations across campus for all to enjoy.

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Yousef Ahmad: Shift of Light I, II and III

Qatari artist Yousef Ahmad’s creative journey has spanned more than three decades. His work is influenced by his surroundings and emotional ties with Qatar’s culture and traditions.

The opportunity to share my works with the people of Qatar is inspiring and humbling, and I hope that my journey encourages future generations of local artists to follow their creative dreams.

Yousef Ahmad

Ahmad is renowned for his distinct and flexible style and his mastery of different media – from charcoal to calligraphy and oil painting. His work celebrates the gentle quietness of Qatar’s sea, the flat expanses of its desert and the serene openness of the sky.

Eduardo Chillida: Buscando la luz IV (Searching for Light IV)

This monumental sculpture is the last among a series produced by Spanish artist Eduardo Chillida during his final creative period.

Composed of three asymmetrical vertical steel plates linked together through a complex riveting system, the sculpture's presence engulfs the area. Once inside the interior space of the work, its form appears to acquire movement, rising up in search of the light.

Chillida died in 2002, but his public artworks still adorn cities across the world, conforming to notions of dialogue between matter and space, the organic nature of forms and a strong ethical content.

Etel Adnan: Untitled I and II

The work of Lebanese artist Etel Adnan (1925–2021) adorns an outdoor space on campus in the form of two ceramic murals.

As a visual artist, poet, playwright and essayist, Adnan once said that her abstract art is the equivalent of poetic expression for her, and is an open form of expression.