The flag of glory public art display at the National Museum of Qatar

Flag of Glory by Ahmed Al Bahrani

Ahmed Al Bahrani’s 2019 sculpture Flag of Glory is an iconic representation of a forceful nation.

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In this monumental work, one hand supports the other as together they raise the Qatari flag with an unstoppable force. This sculpture embodies the spirit of National Day for all citizens of Qatar, celebrating, honouring and commemorating the people and leadership of Qatar: Dar Al’iz, Tamim Al Majd and Hamad Al Khair.

By glorifying the burgundy colour not only seen in the flag, but also the burgundy that runs through all our veins, Al Bahrani’s sculpture is a testimony to the way in which the country of Qatar embraces race, culture and gender in an impartial manner and honours its people, as Qataris and non-Qataris alike.