A long shot of a hallway in Lusail decorated with El Seed's mural art

Calligraffiti by eL Seed

Big, bold and unmissable, eL Seed’s Calligraffiti presents a fresh take on a traditional art form.

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As part of our ongoing efforts to promote creativity, Qatar Museums commissioned eL Seed to decorate the Salwa Road with 52 large-scale murals, each of which is inspired by an aspect of life in Qatar.

Presentations, discussion panels and graffiti workshops for art students, youth groups and families accompanied the installation of the project, inviting all Doha residents to take part.

Arabic graffiti has so much to offer the world, and to see young Arab artists taking on the challenge of mixing modern experiences anchored in cultural and religious traditions is exhilarating.

eL Seed

About the Artist

Born and raised in France, eL Seed is a well-known artist whose family is originally from Tunisia. Through a unique mix of Arabic calligraphy and painting, he delivers inventive and thought-provoking messages. He turns graffiti into a fine art form and striking platform, rather than a mark of vandalism.

Through his art, eL Seed explores his identity and roots, using creative expression to raise questions. With topical themes, vibrant colour and eye-catching design, he promotes modern Arab culture around the world. He breaks down stereotypes, comments on relevant issues and invites onlookers to reconsider what they know.