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The Ship by Faraj Daham

The Ship is a site-specific art installation inspired by the prominence of the Arabian Gulf in sea trade.

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Faraj Daham (b. 1956) is a contemporary Qatari artist, best known for his mixed media works and sculptures. His work is also part of the permanent collection at MATHAF, the Arab Museum of Modern Art.

The Ship is made from wood and concrete and explores themes surrounding history, place and people. It adopts the traditional ship-building features seen in wooden ships of the 17th and 18th century. Daham’s work is inspired by the rock inscriptions found in the primitive part of the Jebel Al Jassasiya area, located on the eastern coast of Qatar. These inscriptions include references to sea trade, carved into the artwork by Daham himself; drawing light to the prominence of the Arabian Gulf in areas of trade, transport, fishing, and pearl harvesting.

The Ship is installed at Al Janoub Stadium, located in the southern coastal city of Al Wakrah. The artwork appears to be sailing towards the south, connecting man and sea.