Public art structure at the Corniche.
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Beat the Heat: Tips for Visiting Outdoor Artworks this Summer

Updated 6 May 2024

By Loubna Zeidan

With the warmest months of the year approaching, we’ve gathered a few tips to make your visit to our public art and heritage sites enjoyable all summer long.

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From world-renowned archaeological and heritage sites to immersive special exhibitions to the latest in contemporary public sculpture and murals, there is an incredible amount of outdoor art and culture to explore in Qatar. Although summer temperatures can be daunting, it is well worth spending time outdoors. Here are some tips to help you maximise your visit.

What to Do


Wearing comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing keeps visitors cool even in the summertime.

Before Your Visit
  • Timing is everything. Plan your visit for early morning or late afternoon and avoid the heat of the midday sun. Temperatures typically peak between 11am and 3pm.
  • Dress appropriately. Wear comfortable shoes and light, loose-fitting clothing made of breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Avoid dark colours and tight clothes that can trap heat. Remember to dress modestly and be respectful of local customs. (Shoulders and knees should be covered when visiting public places.) And don't forget to bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a refillable water bottle.
  • Plan ahead. For sites like Al Zubarah, consider booking a tour or hiring a guide who can help you navigate the site and provide you with valuable information about the history and culture of Qatar.
During Your Visit
  • Hydrate. It's easy to become dehydrated in the hot and humid weather, so make sure to drink water regularly. For visitors to our archaeological or heritage sites, where there are no water fountains or vending machines, it is recommended to bring a minimum of 1.5 litres of water per person, preferably in reusable bottles, to ensure an adequate water supply during your visit. To keep drinks cool, consider using a cooler bag or an icebox. A useful tip is to include one frozen water bottle inside the cooler to help cool the other beverages.
  • Take breaks in the shade. Many of our heritage sites have indoor and outdoor areas where you can step out of the sun. Take advantage of these spots to rest and cool off.
  • Stay alert. Pay attention to all public health and safety guidelines, and follow rules regarding designated entrances, exits and car parks.
  • Respect the art. Certain sculptural materials may become hot in high temperatures. One more reason not to touch the artwork!
  • Leave no trace. Do not drive through archaeological sites. Instead, park vehicles in designated parking areas and be sure to follow marked tracks and paths while exploring the site and avoid straying off the designated routes. Please note that climbing structures is strictly prohibited to ensure personal safety and prevent any damage to the archaeological site.
After Your Visit

When you’re ready to come back inside, visit one of our museums and galleries, which showcase Qatar’s rich history and culture and also offer many dining options and cafés for refreshment and relaxation.

What to See

A bunch of visitors pose for a picture with the Al Zubara Fort right behind them

Visitors to Al Zubarah Archaeological Site enjoy a stop at Al Zubarah Fort, which offers shade and other amenities.

Heritage Sites

Our historic settlements, towers, forts and mosques offer a unique opportunity to learn about Qatar’s rich culture and history. Of particular note is the UNESCO World Heritage site, Al Zubarah Archaeological Site.

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A wide shot of Richard Serra's East-West-West-East at sunset

Visiting Richard Serra's East-West/West-East at dawn or dusk avoids the hottest time of the day and offers especially stunning views.

Public Art

Our Public Art team oversees more than 50 artworks located all over the country, from metro station plazas to remote desert venues, and new works are installed on a regular basis. Explore the current list of works or use our handyinteractive map to plan your public art itinerary.

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Liam Gillick's "Folded Extracted Personified" in MIA Park

After visiting the Museum of Islamic Art, a walk through MIA Park offers an easy way to see several public artworks and enjoy some shade and refreshment.

A Summer Like No Other

Visiting our many outdoor sites and artworks during the warm summer months is a memorable experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore a wide range of public art and heritage offerings in a uniquely Qatari context.

Plan Your Visit

Loubna Zeidan is a Senior Editorial Specialist at Qatar Museums.