Public art structure at the Corniche.

Us, Her, Him by Najla El Zein

Us, Her, Him is a site-specific public installation that welcomes visitors to the newly inaugurated Flag Plaza.

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Najla El Zein (b.1983, Beirut) is a French Lebanese artist and designer whose works explore the relationship between form, use, space and emotion through themes relating to the abstract conceptions of the body, femininity and human interactions. El Zein has been exhibited at numerous public institutions around the world. Her installation Us, Her, Him is her first public installation and most ambitious work to date.

The installation of hand-sculpted limestone, which spans 313 metres, is an abstract reflection on human interactions, which conveys the complexity and fundamental importance of human connections. Illustrating various modes and strata of interaction such as acquaintances, friendships, love, introversion, confidence, familiarity, fluidity and obstruction, Us, Her, Him reminds us that collectivity is the true root and driving force of individual fulfilment. The sculptures, which are functional and meant to be interacted with, are intended to bring women, men and children together while leading the pathway into the Flags Plaza.