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Sections of the Berlin Wall

Spray-painted graffiti on the wall that divided East and West Germany for nearly three decades (1961 through 1989) convey messages of hope, freedom and change. Segments of the wall are on view in two places in Doha.

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Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), Exhibition Hall, Qatar Foundation

After the fall of the Berlin wall, graffiti became a way in which artists from all around the world would express how they felt about the division of citizens. Artist Thierry Noir completed the design of this section of the wall in 2007, and the piece was gifted by the German Embassy to Qatar Museums in 2017 as part of the Qatar-Germany Year of Culture 2017.

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Atrium of Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q), Qatar Foundation

This original part of the wall was gifted by the Germany Embassy as a part of 2017 Qatar-Germany Year of Culture.

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