Bright gold-coloured sculpted falcon on the side of the road leading to Hamad International Airport

Falcon by Tom Claassen

In July 2021, a new public art installation by Tom Claassen was unveiled outside the departures hall of Hamad International Airport (HIA).

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The Dutch artist and sculptor Tom Claassen (b. 1964) is well known for his depictions of nature and wildlife.

Continuing his signature sculptural style, Claassen created Falcon, an abstract representation of Qatar’s national bird, for Hamad International Airport. Taking inspiration from the falcon’s soft feathers, the sculpture’s vivid curves echo the aviation routes from Qatar to the rest of the world, while also drawing inspiration from Arabic calligraphy and the folds found in the fabric of traditional Qatari attire.

The falcon sits on a ledge facing the airport’s Departures Hall, exuding royalty with its gold finish. A work depicting Qatar’s national animal, 8 Oryxs, also by Claassen, may be found inside the Arrivals Hall.