A series of 14 sculptures depicting the human gestational cycle, from conception to birth, located outside Sidra Medicine

The Miraculous Journey by Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst’s The Miraculous Journey speaks of the beauty of the extraordinary human reproductive process, occurring every day at Sidra Medicine as well as all across the globe, every second.

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This series of 14 monumental bronze sculptures chronicles the gestation of a fetus inside a uterus, from conception to birth. It ends with a statue of a 14-metre tall anatomically correct baby boy.

Placed in front of Sidra Medical Centre, which is dedicated to women and children, it is a stunning work of art – and one that will stimulate debate, analysis and reflection at home and abroad for years to come.

Everyone talks about life’s journey, but we have a whole journey before we’re born.

Damien Hirst, Artist

Watch the moment The Miraculous Journey sculptures were unveiled.