Islamic Art

Delve deep into our extensive collection of publications on Islamic Art and its history.

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The Ramayana of Hamida Banu Begum, Queen Mother of Mughal India

The manuscript presented here is a remarkable example of the breadth and depth of its impact: translated into Farsi from the original Sanskrit and beautifully illustrated with 56 large-scale paintings.
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A Falcon's Eye: Tribute to Sheikh Saoud Al Thani

This publication celebrates the late Sheikh Saoud Al Thani, a passionate conservationist and collector who made an invaluable contribution to Qatar Museums' collections.
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Qajar Women: Images of Women in 19th-Century Iran

Unveil the intriguing world of Qajar women in 19th century Iran, with this catalogue featuring works from the Museum of Islamic Art’s permanent collection.
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The Great Mongol Shahnama

This monograph on The Great Mongol Shahnama is an invaluable resource for all those interested in Persian art and manuscripts.
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Museum of Islamic Art: The Guide

This beautifully designed book provides a unique immersive experience of MIA’s outstanding collection and a perfect souvenir celebrating the museum’s relaunch.
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Museum of Islamic Art: The Collection

This beautifully designed publication takes you on a journey through the Islamic world with artworks spanning 1,400 years and three continents, from Spain, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia.
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Baghdad: Eye’s Delight

Baghdad: Eye’s Delight celebrates the most important and influential city ever to have existed in the Islamic world.
Book cover of Reflections on Islamic Art by Museum of Islamic Art

Reflections on Islamic Art

This book highlights a selection of objects ranging from 7th-century Qur’anic manuscripts, exquisite Islamic carpets, portraits of historical figures and a steel war mask.
Book cover of MIA: I.M. Pei by Museum of Islamic Art

MIA: I.M. Pei

This beautiful book features lavish images of the extraordinary spaces and visual experiences within one of the world’s most stunning museums.
Book cover of Iznik: Pottery for the Ottoman Empire by John Carswell and Julian Henderson

Iznik: Pottery for the Ottoman Empire

This book highlights pieces from the ceramics collection of the Museum of Islamic Art, tracing over 200 years of Iznik pottery production.
Book cover of Silk:13th to 18th Centuries by Jon Thompson

Silk 13th to 18th Centuries

This book captures the skill and artistic vision of the weavers of the past from the Middle East and Central Asia.
Book cover of The Gift Tradition of Islamic Art by Linda Komaroff

The Gift Tradition of Islamic Art

The catalogue features 70 works from the eighth to the 20th centuries, including some of the most impressive examples of jewellery, armour, weaponry, carpets, and illustrated copies of the Qur’an.
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Kings and Pawns: Board Games from India to Spain

Tracing the rich tapestry of the game of chess, from Mysore to Madrid, this book provides an authoritative account of the origins, development and adaptations of the game.