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NMoQ Explorer: Opening the Museum's Doors to the World

A new digital platform invites visitors to explore the National Museum of Qatar from anywhere in the world.

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Qatar Museums is committed to enhancing its digital presence and utilizing the latest technologies in the world of museums, in order to make art accessible to everyone. As a part of this important commitment, the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ) has recently partnered with Microsoft to launch the beta version of the NMoQ Explorer platform. This initiative marks a significant step towards achieving Qatar Museums' goal of providing an immersive and engaging experience for art enthusiasts and visitors alike.

What is the NMoQ Explorer?

NMoQ Explorer is an innovative digital platform that offers a virtual museum experience. This bilingual interactive platform provides access to NMoQ's vast collection in a novel mapping approach that connects objects to time and space, via a design that mirrors the museum’s immersive interactive experience for online visitors, allowing them to explore collections, galleries and maps seamlessly.

What does the platform offer?

NMoQ Explorer showcases objects from the collection through seamless movement and connectivity between the interactive maps and timelines, allowing visitors online experience through multiple channels. Furthermore, the platform offers an interactive map of Qatar’s archaeological sites, along with information on the relevant historical periods and a view of the objects found at the sites. This innovative tool employs artificial intelligence technology to support a newly developed classification system, which can be navigated via a search tool. Overall, NMoQ Explorer enables users to experience a seamless journey through time and space, as they explore the museum's collection.

The platform is currently divided into five main sections:

Online Collection

This section of the platform features an extensive and diverse collection of valuable items that tell the story of Qatar throughout its history. Users can easily search for items by name and filter results based on time period, the location of their discovery and much more. The search is powered by artificial intelligence, which enhances its capabilities. This streamlined approach enhances the user experience and allows for quick and efficient navigation towards their desired information.

NMoQ explorer platform online collection page interface

Interactive Timeline

This section boasts an interactive timeline that spans from present day all the way to the year 300,000 B.C.E. Users can navigate through the various eras and years by clicking on them, and view the corresponding holdings that belong to each period. The approach also allows for visitors to experience the beautiful galleries that house the objects, in a way that connects the museum to the online visitor.

NMoQ explorer platform interactive timeline page interface

Archaeology and Heritage Map

This interactive map displays Qatar’s archaeological and heritage sites. By simply clicking on any of these sites, users can instantly explore them and delve into a wealth of captivating details regarding the discoveries made and the artifacts found within.

NMoQ explorer platform archaeological and heritage map interface

NMoQ Map

NMoQ’s wonders can be uncovered in our interactive museum map. Simply click on any section to reveal information about the exhibits and collections housed within. Dive deeper into the museum's holdings by clicking on specific items for more details and captivating visuals. Experience a seamless exploration of Qatar's cultural treasures at your fingertips.

NMoQ explorer platform interactive map page interface

360 Tour (coming soon)

This section is currently undergoing development. As its name suggests, it will provide visitors to the platform with an immersive virtual tour inside the museum, allowing them to explore its exhibitions and treasures. Stay tuned for updates as we work diligently to bring you an enriching and engaging experience, showcasing the best of what the museum has to offer.

We invite everyone to embark on a virtual journey to the National Museum of Qatar from anywhere in the world to discover the remarkable features offered by the NMoQ Explorer platform.

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