Large welded aluminium abstract bright pink sculpture

Gekröse by Franz West

This bright pink sculptural installation is at once whimsical and grotesque, titled in reference to the structural membranes of the abdomen.

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Austrian artist Franz West (b.1947) is best known for his colourful outdoor sculptures that combine complex forms and public furniture. Gekröse, an enormous welded aluminium sculpture, is one of the Viennese artist’s largest artworks. Some may find its size and bright pink colour to be striking, perhaps even shocking. The monumental structure manages to appear intimidating, yet playful and whimsical at the same time. Its rosy hue lends a cheerful tone to the overall twisting dynamics and flow of the sculpture. The title of the work suggests intestines (or giblets) and West’s artistic skill is to concurrently attract and repulse the viewer.