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Al Ruwais Mosque

Restoration work on Al Ruwais Mosque is soon to be completed.

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Open to Visitors

Before planning your trip, please consult our Visitor Guidelines, which include information about visiting mosques.

The courtyard of the Al Ruwais Mosque contains one entrance located on its eastern outer wall. In its southeast corner, there is an octagonal minaret based on a square base, topped with a conical shape which has a triangular opening, and it is possible to climb to the minaret either via a ladder or an internal spiral staircase. The mosque also contains an open prayer hall. It connects to the courtyard through seven openings, while it is divided into two parts by a row of seven other openings and a hall.

The open prayer hall is connected through three entrances. The mihrab takes a square shape defined by a rounded arch resting on two pillars. The mosque has undergone additions and modifications due to its long history of receiving worshipers. Its restoration is about to be completed, including two pieces of land adjacent to the mosque (eastern and western side) while a service building and washrooms have been added.