An open parkland space with green grass and native trees and the Museum of Islamic Art in the background
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Green Spaces in Qatar

15 January 2021

Qatar Museums offers citizens, residents and visitors a home away from home – while also helping the country meet the sustainability targets set out in the Qatar National Vision 2030.

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MIA Park

Perhaps the most famous of Qatar's green spaces is MIA Park. Sprawling and spectacular, modern and majestic, the park is one of the most popular spots in the city for families, joggers, walkers or those just hoping to catch one of the most dazzling sunset views anywhere in the world. Runners can enjoy the 1km crescent pathway that hugs the waterfront, while families can enjoy the wide open spaces to eat, sit, play and relax together.

Public Art in the Park

MIA Park is also home to Richard Serra's 7 – a stunning vertical steel sculpture directly across the water from the museum. It is the artist's first public piece of art in the Middle East – and well worth checking out at sunrise or sunset for some of the most iconic photo ops in Doha.

Liam Gillick's Folded Extracted Personified, a large-scale interactive work installed throughout the park, consists of multiple unique head-in-the-hole panels. Commissioned for the inauguration of the National Museum of Qatar, the work draws inspiration from the collections of both NMoQ and MIA.

Liam Gillick's "Folded Extracted Personified" in MIA Park

Liam Gillick's Folded Extracted Personified in MIA Park

The Park at the National Museum of Qatar

MIA Park isn't the only green space at Qatar Museums. The Park at NMoQ also offers a green oasis in the middle of the city, featuring a Heritage Garden that contains numerous plants native to Qatar, including all of those listed below.

  • Blepharis ciliaris
  • Plantago amplexicaulis
  • Heliotropium curravicum
  • Rumex vesicarius
  • Hammada elegans
  • Aerva javanica
  • Cymbopogon commutatus
  • Senna italica
Plants in the foreground with a view of NMoQ in the background

A view of the National Museum of Qatar, through the greenery of the Park

Qatar's Other Green Spaces

As well as the offerings around Qatar Museums' buildings, the country has multiple other green spaces – all in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 pledge to balance economic expansion with responsible environmental management.

Two women walk on the shaded walkway with a waterfall and lush patches of grass on the side

Oxygen Park in Education City

A cycylist at the popular Al Bidda Park

A cyclist at the popular Al Bidda Park

Aspire Park with a child riding his scooter on a pathway surrounded by green patches and trees

Aspire Park with the stunning Torch Hotel in the background