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Book of the Month: Al-Saqr (Falcon) Magazine

The 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum library is home to thousands of books from the world of sport, all accessible to visitors. This month, the library team has chosen to spotlight Al-Saqr (Falcon) Magazine.

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Al-Saqr Magazine is a well-established weekly Qatari publication that has been around since 1977. It is known as both a sports and military magazine, as it was published during a time when Doha was a meeting hub for military athletes from all over the Arab world. The magazine's name, Al-Saqr, comes from the Arabic word for falcon, which symbolises military prowess, bravery, dignity, as well as sports pride and endurance.

The magazine achieved great success as its popularity stretched across the Arab world, even reaching Arab-speaking communities in Latin America, Europe, and Africa. The magazine brought media professionals together from different Arab nationalities, and throughout its journey, succeeded in linking Arab youth through sports.

Author: Al-Saqr Magazine staff

Language Arabic

Publication Date 1977

Read different issues from this magazine and hundreds of other sport-related titles at the QOSM library, or check out our online catalogue for more books by this author.

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