Exterior view of Mathaf entrance with large stone sculptures

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

Mathaf celebrates the modern and contemporary, showcasing art created in Qatar, the Middle East and the international Arab diaspora.

Mathaf is a boundary-breaking museum that invites visitors to celebrate the creativity of the contemporary Arab world. Its spaces are designed to be used, not just visited. Beyond its galleries, Mathaf brings people together to learn, share ideas and enter debate. From groundbreaking exhibitions to engaging conversations with artists to a creative internship programme, Mathaf creates opportunities for everyone to deepen their relationship with art of our time.

Mathaf is open to visitors 9am – 7pm Saturday to Thursday, 1.30 – 7pm on Fridays with precautionary measures in place.

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Exterior view at nighttime showing Mathaf's contemporary building brightly lit

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, founded in 2010, is located in the heart of Education City

Our challenge is to open dialogue through art, without making it confrontational.

Abdellah Karoum, Director, Mathaf

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