Interior view of MIA's library seating area with three very long tables stretching towards arched windows overlooking Doha city

Welcome to Qatar Museums libraries – a collection unlike any other.

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Qatar Museums oversees several library collections, two of which are housed in beautiful buildings that may be visited in person.

The Museum of Islamic Art’s library is filled with scholarly periodicals on art, including auction catalogues from around the world. The library also offers possibilities for research set within a pleasant and peaceful setting, with desks next to windows overlooking the water, or quiet and secluded study booths for those requiring privacy and extra concentration.

At Mathaf, the library houses one of the largest and most wide-ranging collections of books and publications on general art history, with a special focus on the Arab world and modern art. Mathaf is located in Education City, and the library’s proximity to the many universities makes it an ideal place to conduct research and study while being surrounded by inspiring artworks.

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