Ras Brouq's White Cliffs

The beautiful and iconic rock formations at Ras Brouq offer a glimpse of a prehistoric landscape.

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Ras Brouq – a peninsula located on the west coast of Qatar – bears the remains of prehistoric human occupation. This part of the country has never had permanent settlements, but semi-nomadic tribes did once inhabit the area. A large number of archaeological sites from prehistoric periods have been discovered here – including examples of the flint tools they used for hunting. The pristine environment of the peninsula allows scholars to intensify their research on this defining period of Qatar’s archaeological history.

The area stands out due to its unusual landscape of white cliffs. The form and colour of the landscape are a result of the erosion of soft limestone layers, while the wind-shaped white cliffs and bizarre geological forms, like mushroom-shaped hills, make the area unique and special to Qatar.

A landscape view of the cliff showing its edges towering above land