Murwab Archaeological Site

Dating back to the eighth century, Murwab has the oldest Islamic fort to be discovered in Qatar; with excavations revealing its position in a rich network of international trade.

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Please note: This site is not accessible to the public.

Murwab is the largest settlement of the early Islamic period located in the northwest of Qatar, about 10 km from the coast. Dating from the end of the eighth to the end of the ninth century, it consisted of 220 cells, forming about 45 houses, a fort with two occupations, two mosques and a cemetery. The structure extends more than 1.5km from east to west with green areas -rawdah- and wells.

Excavations and studies since 1959 have revealed dense, international trade in the early Abbasid period. Maritime traders used the Gulf to reach China via India and Southeast Asia. Ceramics, glass and bronze objects show a trade network also connected with Central Asia via Iran and Iraq.

Murwab Fort is the oldest Islamic fort to be discovered in Qatar. Overlapping excavated foundation walls clearly show that the structure was rebuilt and reduced in size.


Murwab Fort dates back to the eighth century. Photo ⓒ Qatar Museums