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Al Thaghab Fort

Al Thaghab Fort dates back to the nineteenth century, and is considered to have been built for the protection of a deep well in its vicinity.

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Al Thaghab Fort lies at a 10km distance from Al Zubarah. Archaeological finds suggest that the fort could date back to the nineteenth century, although surrounding ruins present evidence of it possibly having been built at an earlier date. The fort was renovated in the 1980s.

Thaghab means ‘the water in the bottom of the valley after the rain.’ Towards the west, is a deep well that was probably protected by this fort. Al Thaghab has a typical rectangular shape, with three round corner towers and one rectangular tower, and was built of rough limestone blocks or flat slabs of beach-rocks (faroush). Like other desert forts, Al Thaghab offered a secure place for the nearby population in case of conflicts.