Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings

Along with Qatar's ancient settlements, towers and forts, there are other unique and interesting sites to explore.

From rock carvings to islands, these fascinating places tell a story of Qatar's past.

Al Jassasiya is open to visitors 9am3pm, SundayThursday, with precautionary measuresin place.

Rock carvings, known as petroglyphs, can be found along the coast of Qatar as well as on Bahrain's nearby Al Hawar Island. Al Jassasiya is arguably the most impressive of the dozen rock-carving sites in Qatar.

The site was first discovered in 1957 and then thoroughly studied in 1974, when 874 carved limestone single figures and compositions were catalogued. They consist mainly of cup marks in various arrangements, including rows, rosettes and stars, but also of carvings such as boats, footprints and enigmatic symbols and signs. It is believed the cup marks were used for playing ancient board games, such as mancala, known as Al Haloosa or Al Huwaila in Qatar.

Three sets of rock carvings in a sand coloured stone comprising a series of small circular shapes, two parallel lines, and two additional boats

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