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On The Move: Women of the Desert

7 March 2023 | Produced by Roda Al Thani

Discover the everyday lives of pastoralist communities in Qatar, and how they were made possible by the labour and resilience of women.

National Museum of Qatar

On the Move, an exhibition at the National Museum of Qatar on view from 27 October 2022 until 14 January 2023, explored the lived everyday experiences of pastoralist communities in Qatar, Mongolia and the Central Sahara. Pastoralist communities move with the herds they tend, adapting to harsh climates and changing environments through a rich array of cultural practices.

Watch this video to learn about how people in Qatar have historically moved between the desert and the sea, with women playing an integral role in the survival of the family. Experts describe how women would construct and set up moveable dwellings, weave, collect firewood and cook food; making possible the Bedouin way of life.