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The Animals of On the Move

Families and children

In conjunction with the exhibition On the Move, we take a closer look at the interdependence between nomadic pastoralists and the herd animals they care for.

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Pastoralists live in close proximity with animals. Their interdependence with the herd animals they care for is based on close attention, intimate knowledge, and incredible skills related to different animals’ needs and natures.

They rely on goats and sheep for much of their livelihood, from nourishment to making a home. Camels provide both milk and mobility and are prized for their unique capabilities. Horses help pastoralists herd and are valued for the pleasures and prestige of riding.

Donkeys are sturdy carriers of baggage and goods. Dogs protect the herds at night and some breeds are precious trackers of game.

Beyond their camps and homesteads are wild animals pastoralists fear or desire who breathe even more life into the imaginative worlds they create in their rich poetry, song and story.