Two men kneeling on sandy desert ground using small tools to expose archeological remains at Al Zurbarah, Qatar
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Six Qatar Museums' Heritage Initiatives

15 April 2021

Our Cultural Heritage division covers archaeology, architectural conservation and cultural tourism. We manage, conserve, protect and enhance archaeology and archaeological practices in Qatar. 

These are a few of Qatar’s world-famous heritage sites.

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A sand coloured rock face with a single large circular bowl shape carved into the rock with nine smaller circular shapes running around the outside

A rock carving at Al Jassasiya. The surrounding area has more than 850 carvings, known as petroglyphs, the earliest thought to date from Neolithic times.

An aerial view of the Al Zubarah heritage site located right next to the coast

An aerial view of the Al Zubarah heritage site. The town flourished as a pearling and trading centre in the late 18th century and early 19th centuries.

The Al Kor stone tower seen within the wider landscape with a man walking beside it

One of the three stone towers at Al Khor in northeast Qatar. The towers all overlook Al Khor Harbour, allowing locals to watch over incoming ships, and observe the Ain Hleetan Well.

An aerial view of the Freiha fort with the north-western coast visible on the side

An aerial view of the Freiha Fort with the north-western coast visible on the side. The age and origin of the settlement is unknown, however excavations and historical documents suggest that it was at its peak in the 17th–18th century.

A complete view of the mosque with green patches and stoned flooring on the side

The Abu Dhalouf Mosque, situated on Qatar's most northerly coast. Nearby visitors can also enjoy the Abu Dhalouf park and beach.

The Ain Hileetan well seen at dawn with the sun rising in the background

The Ain Hleetan Well. The water source at Ain Hleetan is said to have been discovered 150 years ago by a group of hunters.