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Engaging the Community: NMoQ Creates Together

1 September 2021

What is our collective response to a crisis? How can we come together as a community to get through hard times? And what role can art play in helping us look to the future?

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These are the questions that the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted so many of us – especially in museums – to ask. Undoubtedly, we have been challenged and changed over the past year. Yet we know that at many points throughout history, hardship has resulted in great art movements, innovations, and inventions. Creativity can be a powerful path to resilience.

In late 2020, the curatorial team at the National Museum of Qatar invited young members of the community to document their perspectives and emotions during quarantine, and to share them in this very special presentation called NMoQ Creates Together. Here we see the results of children and young adults using art to explore the changes in their own lives and in the world around them.

Their imaginations inspire us to move forward through creativity and exploration, together.

Artists Ages 6–8

Colourful children's drawing featuring people, cars and devices

Aisha Bint Bashid (Age 6)

A little girl looking out behind a window glass wearing a spiderman costume with a doctor's gown and a mask on her face

Sinag Ymanuel Almacen (Age 6). Superhero Doctor. “Doctors are saving the lives of people from coronavirus. They are like superheroes because they protect us.”

Colourful children drawings featuring people, cars and devices

Abdul Hadi Bin Bashid (Age 7)

A handmade coloured paper on a green background

Khoulood El Karkouri (Age 7). “I like geometry, and I learned to fold fabric and make a nice shape. I used a needle and thread to make the folds stay together and I sewed it to a white fabric to make the pattern. My grandmother and I made it into a pillow. It was nice to work and learn together.”

Drawing cutouts representing four characters in traditional Qatari costumes under plastic cups

Laura Ibrahim Daher (Age 8)

A simple coloured drawing representing a classroom with a teacher and two students wearing face masks


Drawing of a woman wearing a blue face mask stands in front of a large-sized A woman wearing a blue mask stands in front of a painting of viruses

Fatima Faisal Abdulaziz Al-Badr (Age 8)

Artists Ages 9–13

The name Jawaher written on a red background

Jawaher El Karkouri (Age 11), Hidden Treasures. "I wanted to make something inspired by different cultures. I decided to write my Arabic name in English calligraphy with beautiful Japanese ink, and then make the background using my favorite style of painting, which is Turkish Ebru."

A painting showing a mother and daughter in the kitchen making food with great happiness

Fatima Al Ali (Age 13). "Ramadan was different compared to the previous years. Leaving the house became scary and stressful, but houses became more alive because of the decorations for Ramadan. We felt warmer by reciting the Holy Quran, and of course because of the smell of the delicious food."

A painting showing a Muslim family in the living room reading the Qur'an while children play around

Fatima Al Ali (Age 13). “Last Ramadan strengthened the relationship between my family members and our bond with God. The streets were empty and dark, but we were very happy inside our houses. We thanked Allah for all graces during this period of the epidemic.”

A picture of two pens on a page with math problems written on it

Souhayla El Karkouri (Age 13). “Over the course of this lengthened summer, I began to realize that I should use the excessive amounts of spare time beneficially. I thought that the best way to do so was to prepare myself for algebra. I was able to make the most of my summer at home during Covid-19!”

Artists Ages 14–18

A painting showing a woman wearing a face mask and around her a picture of soap, scattered face masks and a virus

Hibatallah Mohammed Hamza (Age 14)

A painting showing a woman wearing a dark veil and looking longingly at the Grand Mosque on TV

Hibatallah Mohammed Hamza (Age 14)

A painting showing a woman working in the medical sector wearing a mask and lovingly looking at her child from behind the glass during the pandemic

Hibatallah Mohammed Hamza (Age 14)

A painting crowded with various elements such as the Doha skyline, healthcare workers, birds and a woman wearing a face mask

Reem Khan. “My painting is about hope in times of crises. Through unity we can defeat everything, as it’s the time to find calm in the chaos, because every darkness leads us towards a beautiful destiny. Let 2020 be a year in which we reset the priorities of our life.”

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Reem Khan. “My painting is a tribute to the frontline workers who spend their lives in order to keep us safe, to do what nobody else will do.”

A portrait of a health care worker wearing a mask, with the Earth in the background as viruses try to pray on it

Weaam Mukhtar Ali (Age 17)

Painting of a healthcare worker with angel wings and the image of the Coronavirus repeated in the background

Aia Kambal Elrayah (Age 18)