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MotoGP Hall of Fame: Jorge ‘X-Fuera’ Lorenzo

21 May 2024

By 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum Curatorial Team

A five-time world champion, with three MotoGP World Championships and two 250cc World Championships under his protective suit belt, this former racer is no stranger to speed, skill or Qatar’s Lusail racetrack.

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Qatar has rapidly established a reputation as an internationally recognised host nation for major sporting events. The springboard was the successful Asian Games of 2006, which coincided with an urban expansion programme that led to the construction of world-class facilities for many different sports and hospitality venues across the country.

Today the Khalifa International Stadium, the Aspire indoor multi sports dome and the state-of-the-art stadiums created for the  FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ stand as visible expressions of Qatar’s commitment to sport at the highest level.

The 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum is also testament to this fact, especially gallery 5, Qatar: Hosting Nation. This gallery bears testimony to the range of top competitions that have been hosted in Qatar since the 1970s, from equestrian and racquet sports, to track and field contests,  handball and football, and of course, motor races.

The helmet shown below belongs to none other than Jorge Lorenzo, or as his fans know him, ‘X-Fuera’. Lorenzo, a legend in his native Spain and to all MotoGP fans, is known for his edgy racing techniques and nonchalant bravery on the circuit. His nickname, ‘Pro Fuera’ or ‘X-Fuera’ means ‘from the outside’, and is based on a risky move Lorenzo executed in the 2003 Brazil Grand Prix, overtaking several racers.


Photo courtesy of 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum ©2024

Lorenzo wore this helmet at the 2015 Qatar MotoGP. It was an eventful race in which the lead was contested between Lorenzo’s Movistar Yamaha – one of the most successful racing teams in Grand Prix racing – and the Ducati teams. Lorenzo had a problem with the helmet and is quoted as saying, “Suddenly the foam came down, so I lost half my vision. I couldn’t see the corners very well and I was losing half a second or more per lap. In a race where I could fight for the win, I finished fourth”.

The helmet features a ‘Hero of Sparta’ sticker on the back, synonymous with Lorenzo who has also been known as 'The Spartan’, plus a range of other decals, including a nod to the make of the helmet itself, ‘X-Lite’, and to his sponsors at the time, ‘Rockstar Energy Drinks’.


Photo courtesy of 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum ©2024

In 2019, Lorenzo experienced what many in the MotoGP game call ‘The Moment’, i.e., a calling to retire. After a crash at the Dutch Tourist Trophy (Dutch TT) resulted in two fractured vertebrae, X-Fuera was quoted, “I have to admit that when I was rolling through the gravel and when I stood up I thought to myself, ‘Okay, Jorge, is this really worth it, after what I’ve achieved?’”

With a career like Lorenzo’s, however, 2019 was not the last to be seen of the racer. In 2022 he was inducted as a MotoGP™ Legend in Jerez 2022 reaffirming his position as a premier class competitor. He has also forayed into the worlds of gaming and AI, is currently a commentator on popular sports broadcaster DAZN, and has launched his own YouTube channel, with insights and interviews with other MotoGP experts.

Plan your visit to QOSM to see Lorenzo's helmet and other objects from the world of sport.