A close-up shot of an archeologist's hand as it brushes a half-buried fossil.
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Mapping Old Doha

30 December 2020

A project to record the old urban fabric in and around the capital in a consistent and comprehensive manner.

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In this project, the heritage assets are mainly embodied by traditional buildings from the first half of the 20th century, though representative early modern buildings (mid-1950s to 1970s) are also documented.

Mapping is a recording tool carried out through surveys. Data are gathered on the ground in a systematic, uniform manner according to specific criteria concerning building type, use and structural condition, as well as interior features and decorative elements.

The recorded data are entered in a GIS-based database and provide information about the extent of each heritage building within the urban context, its social value, function and its relationship with other buildings. It has already provided initial results in terms of establishing a framework for informed decision-making regarding the interpretation, conservation and rehabilitation and management of heritage assets in old Doha.

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