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First Time to School with Dadu: 7 Tips for a Successful Start

5 September 2023

First day of school? The team at Dadu, Children’s Museum of Qatar has put together a few tips to enhance your child’s new adventure.

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As our little ones take their first step into the world of education, it's both an exciting and emotional time for us. Your creativity, love and support will lay the foundation for a joyful and successful journey. Here's to an amazing year ahead!

Morning Routine

Create a Special Morning Routine
Whether it's a fun breakfast, or a joke-sharing session, these small rituals can make mornings joyful and set a positive tone for the day.


Love-Filled Lunch Box Surprises
Make lunchtime special by including a handwritten note or a funny drawing in their lunchbox. It's a simple way to let them know you're thinking of them to brighten up their day.

Bedtime adventure

Bedtime Adventures
Create bedtime stories that include schools, teachers, lessons. This will make going to school feel more like an everyday adventure.

Playdate diary

Playdate Diary
Keep a playdate diary or scrapbook. Document their interactions, friendships and little anecdotes. It's a wonderful keepsake and a way to involve them in storytelling.

Alphabet adventures

Alphabet Adventures
Make learning letters a fun adventure! Share photos or videos of your child spotting letters in everyday objects—whether it's on cereal boxes, street signs or books. It's a creative way to celebrate learning.

Acts of Kindness

Celebrate Acts of Kindness
Encourage acts of kindness and share their efforts online. Whether it's sharing a toy, helping a friend, or being a good listener, your child’s kindness can inspire others.

Embrace Mistakes

Embrace "Oops" Moments
Show that it's okay to make mistakes. Share stories of your own "oops" moments and how you learned from them. It's a valuable lesson for your child and a reminder to parents that perfection isn't the goal.

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