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Children and Play are Inseparable

Families and children

Play is an essential part of a child’s development and it is at the heart of Dadu, Children’s Museum of Qatar’s vision.

Watch the video and discover the concept behind one of our latest initiatives.

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Children and play are inseparable.
Play leaves a mark on walls, floors and paper, but most of all it leaves a mark on all of us.
It is so important that the Arabic language even has a special word for it that means "play", "fun" and "mark-making".
The word has a strong presence in Arabic classic poetry, where it's used in numerous ways to describe children's natural instinct for play and the joy of exploring.
We invite you to play.
We invite you to Dadu.
Children's Museum of Qatar.

Find out more about the upcoming museum and its aims to help motivate and educate children in the values of compassion, generosity and trust by developing their creativity.

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