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Book of the month: The Bandies of Fortune

The 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum library is home to thousands of books from the world of sport, all accessible to visitors. This month, the library team has chosen to spotlight Geoffrey G. Hiller’s The Bandies of Fortune: Perceptions of Real Tennis from Medieval to Modern Times.

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The Bandies of Fortune is a comprehensive book that analyses the social status of tennis throughout history. It explores how writers from different periods have enriched their work through tennis imagery, metaphor and analogy, and includes an index to allusions to tennis in English literature, which lists every literary reference to real tennis known by the author from the fourteenth century to the present.

Most tennis lovers know the reference to the game in Shakespeare’s Henry V, but tennis features in many other literary works as well. The book puts tennis references in literature into the context of their day and age, examining how different writers have portrayed the game throughout history.

Author Geoffrey G. Hiller
Language English
Publication Date 2009
ISBN-13 978-1899804153

Read this book and hundreds of other sport-related titles at the QOSM library, or check out our online catalogue for more books by this author.

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