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Book of the Month: Snooker Legends

The 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum library is home to thousands of books from the world of sport, all accessible to visitors. This month, the library team has chosen to spotlight Snooker Legends.

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Snooker Legends by Dean Hayes provides a comprehensive exploration of the intricate history of snooker. The book illuminates the conventions, iconic moments, and legendary figures shaping the sport. Spanning from Joe Davis to Ronnie O'Sullivan, Hayes delves into the lives of 40 snooker greats, offering insightful glimpses into their careers and post-snooker experiences.

As an experienced sportswriter with over 60 sports books, Hayes brings a wealth of expertise to unravel the stories of these influential players.

The book is a must-read for snooker enthusiasts as it captures the enduring impact of snooker's contributions to the broader understanding of the sport's evolution.

Author Dean P. Hayes
Language English
Publication Date 2007
ISBN 9780750932332

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