Stop Motion Workshop

Date: 7 – 9  May 2019

Time: 8:00pm -11:00pm

Location: FS Garage Gallery, FS Education Studio



To incorporate the stop motion capture techniques of Qatari artist Ameera Mohammed Al-Aji with the shapes and forms of Malevich. After a guided tour of Kazimir Malevich: Genius of the Russian Avant-Garde with Ameera where she explains how Malevich gave her inspiration, participants will learn how to also create, storyboard and then animate (shoot and edit with sound) collages of colored paper on white background paper. Participants will be required to bring their own smartphone or iPad with the stop motion app preinstalled.


Ameera Mohammed Al-Aji graduated from Qatar University with a degree in Art Education in 2009 and has completed additional courses in Fine Arts in Qatar and the UK. Al-Aji has participated in many exhibitions including Mal-Lawal in 2012, the Qatar UK 2013 Artist Exchange Program, and solo shows at Katara. Abstraction and 3D models are her artistic passion.


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