Splendors of Islamic Spain

Date: 22, 29 May, 5, 12 June

Time: 5:00pm-7:00pm (Qatar time, UTC+3)

Educator: Visiting Artist Laurelie Rae 

Location: online - Zoom 

Part of the MIA Education


The Splendors of Islamic Spain Workshop Series explores the history and patterns of Islamic Spain. The class will cover the flora, fauna and geometry of Al Hambra and Madinat al Zahra. Classes are beginner friendly, although each class builds on the previous. You can sign up to single classes or all!

PLEASE NOTE: You may recieve an error message saying 'email not sent'. Please be assured your registration has been recorded and you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. However, if you are still concerned, please send your name, email address and dates you want to attend to stose@qm.org.qa or What's App to 00974 6649 6133.  Thank you.

Session One: Andalusian Geometry and Mosaics

Level: Beginner, intermediate

This beginner geometry class will focus on the geometric zilij mosaic panels found in the museum's collection. We will contextualize the patterns and the beginnings of the Umayyad Andalucian Sultanate. Students of all levels will enjoy this class. Students will learn 2 different patterns and how to paint them with watercolours, using a traditional zilij colour palette.


Session Two: Seville Zouaq and Geometry Painting

Level: Intermediate

This class will build on the first geometry class. We will analyze the patterns on the museum's Seville zouaq panel. Students will learn how to transfer geometric panels to watercolour paper and to create the weaving geometric border. Students will learn the biomorphic borders and internal patterns and how to apply them to the finished geometric pattern using watercolour and gouache.


Session Three: Manafi al Hayawan (Benefits of Animals)- Patterns from the Doha Hind 

Level: Beginner

This class will explore the Book of the Benefits of Animals, a 12th Century encyclopedia of animals. We will analyze and draw the exquisite patterns from the Doha Hind said to be from Madinat al Zahra.


Session Four: Majestic Nasrid Textiles

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

This class will be the final in the series where students will learn how to analyze the fabric rapport and recreate the motifs. We will contextualize Nasrid Textiles and look at their similarities, common themes and motifs. By the end of the class, students will have recreated the patterns and will be well on their way to a finished piece!


When attending these classes you will need the following materials: 

sketchbook or A3 paper pencil masking tape
tracing paper eraser palette
watercolor or multi-purpose
watercolors / gouache /
watercolor pencils
water glass/ jar
compass fineliner pens (2 or 3 colors)  
ruler watercolor brush