Schools Activities for Russian Avant-Garde: Pioneers and Direct Descendants

Date: 26 December 2018 - 03 February 2019

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Location: Fire Station Education Studio


The exhibition traces the connections between the artworks by revolutionary pioneers of the early 20th century such as Kazimir Malevich, Vladimir Tatlin, Alexander Rodchenko and Mikhail Matyushin in comparison to the creations of the artists of the avant-garde second wave.


The mixed media is a free method that allows the artist to merge a collection of artistic materials by using wood, cloth, pens, charcoal and paper clippings to produce artwork, creating a flat or 3D shape inspired from the show. 


This workshop will give the basics of the works of art, using the multimedia technology where students will learn about the most important materials used and their alternatives.  The workshop will take place in the education room under the supervision of experts in the field. There will be useful discussions and the experts will respond to all enquiries.

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