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Café #999

LOCATION: Fire Station Artist in Residence building 

Set within the Fire Station complex adjacent to the artists' studios, the café offers a relaxed and informal setting for light food and drinks with a local twist.  

Café #999 is a collaboration between Qatar Museums and Salam Hospitality. The Fire Station is conveniently located between the Corniche and Al Sadd – right next to Al Bidda Park.

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IDAM, Alain Ducasse's first restaurant in the Middle East

LOCATION: Museum of Islamic Art

Embark on a refined, generous, and enchanted culinary journey at IDAM, Alain Ducasse's first restaurant in the Middle East.

At the heart of the museum, nestled on the fifth floor, IDAM offers spectacular views of the Doha skyline. Its innovative and flavorsome menu brings the best of Qatar and France together, with a selection of contemporary French Mediterranean cuisine designed with an Arabic twist. Expect sophisticated French culinary techniques paired with local ingredients.

Philippe Starck’s unique and exquisite decor creates a sophisticated atmosphere. 

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MIA Café

Located in the Atrium of the Museum of Islamic Art

LOCATION: Museum of Islamic Art 

Located in the Atrium of the Museum of Islamic Art, the MIA Café fuses authentic hospitality and modernity in a peaceful environment and stylish interior, designed by Philippe Starck.

The menu is regularly updated with a collection of homemade international favourites and signature creations, fresh juices, salads and hot drinks.

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Mathaf Maqha


LOCATION: Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

Mathaf's stripped-back coffee bar is designed around the modern art of conversation. It's comfortable and contemporary, with plenty of space, good food and a nicely chilled atmosphere.   

Please note: Mathaf Maqha is temporarily closed for maintenance work to be carried out.


Al Riwaq Café


LOCATION: QM Gallery Al Riwaq

The café is a permanent fixture at QM Gallery Al Riwaq during exhibitions, when it is transformed to the relevant theme and branding of any given show.  

The Al Riwaq Café is catered by IN-Q Catering.

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Café 875

LOCATION: National Museum of Qatar

Café 875 is located on the mezzanine floor over the main lobby at National Museum of Qatar. It offers a chance to experience the unique Majlis, a traditional setting from the Qatari Bedouin nomadic lifestyle and enduring hospitality, as well as a more familiar contemporary café seating.

Café 875's design was inspired by traditional Qatari gold jewellery, particularly the medallion rings. ‘875’ represents a grade of fineness or purity of gold. It is very rare to come across, and it is only available in the Arab world. The Café’s design incorporates an intervention by young Qatari artist Bouthayna Al Muftah around the concept of gold, traditionally worn only by women. 

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Desert Rose Café

LOCATION: National Museum of Qatar

Located on the ground floor and open to both the lagoon (at the Corniche side) and the Baraha courtyard at the National Museum of Qatar, Desert Rose Café is operated by Chef Nouf Al Marri, one of the best chefs in Qatar specializing in Qatari cuisine. The café is an oasis of Desert Rose formations, offering a perfect mid-way rest spot for visitors to break the journey through the galleries.

The design of Desert Rose Café is a direct reference to the impressive urban scale of Jean Nouvel’s architecture, re-imagined at a human level, just like the naturally occurring desert rose mineral formation that pops out as a crystalized jewel from an otherwise vast and endless desert.

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Jiwan Restaurant

LOCATION: National Museum of Qatar

Located on the fourth floor of the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ), Jiwan is the second Alain Ducasse restaurant to open in Qatar. With a contemporary Qatari menu and interior designs by Koichi Takada Architects, Jiwan is an immersive gastronomic concept that takes guests on a sensory journey through Qatar’s rich heritage and unique landscape. Jiwan is the Qatari word for the ‘perfect pearl’, rose-tinted white, completely round with a lustre so pure that it comes alive with radiance.

From the outdoor terrace with its impressive views, visitors can look over the desert rose-inspired architecture by Jean Nouvel and the newly restored Palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al-Thani. Small dining pods are inspired by the sand dunes of the inland sea or Khor Al Adaid, offering guests the best vantage point to catch the softly fading light of dusk and sunsets over the sea.

The design of the restaurant draws inspiration from the unique Qatari nature and geography, where the sea comes deep into the heart of the desert. Over four million pearl-like crystal beads are suspended from the ceiling, gently dancing with the air or when guests move around. The subtle movement above creates an experience for guests as if they were diving under the water.

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IN-Q Catering

Put some art into hosting with IN-Q Catering and ensure an elegant and innovative fine dining experience like no other.

IN-Q catering is the in-house caterer of Qatar Museums its venues. We provide an exclusive catering service for Qatar Museums’ exhibitions and gallery openings, Qatar’s cultural events, meetings, and gala dinners at the Museum of Islamic Art and Qatar Museum venues.

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