Towers of Qatar

Watching out for the nation

Qatar’s towers connect the Qatari people to the lives of their ancestors. Traditions tell us they were built to protect valleys where precious rainwater was collected, watch for approaching ships, and were likely to have acted as an observatory to determine the dates of the lunar calendar.

Towers of Barzan

The Barzan Towers were built by Sheikh Mohammed bin Jassim Al Thani, founder of Umm Salal Mohammed village. Barzan is the name given to the western tower. At 14 meters high, it consists of three levels and, with its distinctive ‘T’ shape, is considered unique to the Gulf region. The eastern tower, Al Burj Al Sharqi, also built with stones and cladded mud has a more typical rectangular shape. Most of the early settlements had one or more towers that were cylindrical or rectangular in shape, usually built from stone.

We constantly monitor the Barzan Towers. They are currently under restoration by our team and we're looking forward to opening the Barzan Visitor Centre in the near future.


More at Al Khor

Al Khor's defensive watchtowers stand over the ancient port. They were used to monitor ships and guard access to the well of Ain Hleetan, the main water source that sustained life in Al Khor.  The three towers along the coastline were cylindrical in shape, with thick stone walls and an accessible balcony to guard the port city, an important center for fishing and pearling in the early 20th century.

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