Public Art Student Competition 2020 – 2021

Qatar Museums announced the first Annual Public Art Student Competition in February 2020, inviting students and alumni from universities in Qatar to propose and realize a public artwork.

With seven chosen artworks from students enrolled in universities across Qatar Foundation including Virginia Commonwealth University, Weill Cornell Medicine, and Qatar University, they were able to experience the making of a public artwork from fine-tuning their concepts, working closely with local fabricators to installation.

You can experience the artworks firsthand at Crescent Park in Lusail City from March 28th till April 30th, 2020 with concepts ranging from Qatari culture, wildlife and messaging dedicated to the local efforts towards the COVID-19 pandemic.



Ahmed Mahrous


Title: ‘Sea Camels’/ ‘Dugonolith’

Concept: The installation comprises six freestanding Dugonoliths arranged to catch light natural light from the sun.  Each Dugonolith has the line image of a Sea Camel cut into its vertical steel plate, this physical template similar to a gobo or stencil is glazed with coloured filter sheets.
Sea Camels also commonly called Dugongs are native to the Qatari coastline. Familiar to ancient mariners and today’s fishermen, these intelligent and gentle creatures have been living in the ocean for 50 million years. They are an endangered species and the second largest population exists in Qatari waters. These animals have many benefits and are considered as holy in certain regions around the world.

Materials: Steel plates, filtered glass

Dimensions: 120 x 300 cm

Hanof Ahmed


Title: ‘Groundbreaking’

Concept: Ground breaking is a multidimensional concept showcasing a larger-than-life coffee bean inspired Hanof’s personal love for coffee and the growing coffee community in Qatar. With coffee shops located around every corner, Hanof aims to transform coffee culture into a permanent symbol engaging all members of the community. Ground breaking is multidisciplinary in nature incorporating several different art forms within the confines of the three-dimensional embodiment of a freestanding coffee bean. Situated in a bed of rocks creates an unnatural and intriguing contemplation by the viewer. In addition, the piece displays the beauty of the local language by a delicate mesh of Arabic calligraphy symbolizing unity through intercalating artistic methods. The interplay of architectural elements within the letters adds a geographical stamp to rectify its belonging to the Arab region: a pivotal feature of the tableau. The sculpture is further elevated with engraved poetry to establish the importance of coffee in the Arab world which dates back to the mid 15th century in Yemen’s Sufi monasteries. In a nutshell, Ground breaking combines art, poetry and an architect's staple with the fluidity for viewers to cultivate their own interpretations of what the coffee bean sculpture means to them.

Materials: Stainless steel, bronze, refined with 18K gold

Dimensions: 150 x 180 x 100 cm

"Coming Soon"

Hend Jamal


Title: ‘Gentle Gargantuan’

Concept: This sculpture aims to bring awareness toward these gentle giant species of sharks, whale sharks. Contrary to the infamous lies believed about sharks, whale sharks are not ‘angry killers’, they are friendly creatures that can be spotted swimming alongside boats and playfully interacting with scuba divers. This sculpture is trying to capture the playful and perky soul of a whale shark by shaping it into thousands of little Lego blocks that bring up memories from our childhood.

Materials: MDF

Dimensions: 200 x 800 cm

Majdulin Nasrallah


Title: ‘Balance Bench’

Concept: Balance bench is an interactive public artwork that tackles the notion of boundaries (psychological and physical) on both an individual and a political scale. The seat’s unstable and divided form is emblematic of the social, cultural and political barriers between people. People activate the seat as they balance it through collective effort. One person cannot sit alone - the seat only balances when four people are interacting and cooperating. Since each person’s movements affect the stability of the other, they all inevitably become aware of the significance of each other’s presence.

Materials: Steel, waterproof upholstery  

Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 100 cm (x 5)

Reema Abu Hassan


Title: ‘Qatar’s Collaborative Matrix’

Concept: Qatar’s Collaborative matrix draws from Qatar’s resilience and collaborative spirit. It speaks to the power of individuals coming together and the value of the collective. The structure is made of modular units that when assembled create a matrix that allows people to sit, gather, talk, work and collaborate. It adds an element of functionality to the concept of traditional public art and allows the public to engage with the structure.

The terrazzo tiles are a reinterpretation of a traditional tile that has been manufactured in Qatar since the 70s and was a part of many homes. The designed tiles are made using handmade ceramics created by the community at the Clay Encounters Ceramics Design Studio. These recycled pots were crushed and cast into the tiles to further reinforce the concept of individuals coming together to form a whole.

Materials: Terracotta tiles, aluminum   

Dimensions: 240 x 280 cm

Shaden Al Riyabi & Hend Jamal (2 artists)


Title: ‘The Thaal Family’

Concept: Aimed to raise environmental awareness and shed light on the importance of a balanced ecosystem, the State of Qatar turned great attention to wildlife.In Qatar, Red Foxes are widely distributed in low numbers. They are subject to hunting and road accidents. “The Thaal Family” artwork was designed purposefully to support the Qatari environmental vision which focuses on maintaining sustainable wildlife, protected and developed by a discerning society, for a better future for the next generations.  

Materials: 3D printing

Dimensions: 20  x 60 cm - 30 x 90 cm (x 6)

Shatha Al Riyabi


Title: ‘Eyes Do Not Sleep’

Concept: Due to Coronavirus, many of us stayed at home to protect ourselves and the ones we love from the risks of COVID-19. Others are forced to face this risk every day.

Eyes Do Not Sleep is an artwork dedicated entirely to doctors, nurses, paramedic and everyone in the medical field to honor them for risking their lives to protect us. These fighters deserve their names to be known, appreciated and recognized. Our eyes are directed to witness them all-around Qatar and to have their names imprinted in our vines. Eyes do not sleep redirect our eyes to the people who actually matter.

Materials: 3D printing

Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm

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