Airport installations

Inspiration for travellers

In collaboration with Hamad International Airport (HIA), Qatar Museums has placed art objects created by local, regional and international artists throughout the airport.

The art will inspire the millions of visitors and residents flying through the airport, and prove that art can be enjoyed far beyond the confines of a gallery.


Local and regional artists display their public art around the airport. Qatari artist, Ali Hassan has produced an iconic Desert Horse sculpture fusing classical techniques with abstraction, which lives just outside of the airport building. Ahmed Al Bahrani an Iraqi artist based in Qatar displays A Message of Peace to the World, in collaboration with Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) to highlight ROTA’s achievements. The large scale cube represents a formula designed to highlight how investment in economic security and education equates to the well-being of children. London based, Iraqi artist Dia Azzawi, who had a retrospective of his work with Qatar Museums, sculpted the Flying Man. The sculptures are based on the story of Abu Firnas, a historical figure from the Islamic world who was an early pioneer in experimenting with flight. Through these sculptures, al-Azzawi aims to create a monument to celebrate travelling in the modern age. 

Other local and regional artists whose art is showcased around the airport include Mohammed Aljaida, Mubarak Al Malik, Amal Alatham, and Yousif.

A playful piece

Lamp Bear by Swiss artist Urs Fischer takes centre stage in the grand foyer leading to HIA's world-class duty-free hall. It is a 23-foot canary yellow teddy bear sculpted from bronze, that sits peacefully inside a lamp. It's a playful piece that humanises the space around it and reminds travellers of childhood or precious objects from home.


Lamp Bear by Swiss artist Urs Fischer, a 23-foot canary yellow teddy bear sculpted from bronze, that sits peacefully inside a lamp at Hamad International Airport
Urs Fischer, 'Lamp Bear'
"It was interesting to me to see how I could imagine two objects coming together as two presences with unique claims."
Urs Fischer
"We want to bring the museum experience into the airport so that visitors and residents in Doha are encouraged to re-consider the airport environment and understand that art can be appreciated outside of the four walls of a museum"
Qatar Museums Spokesperson


Artists from all around the world are showcasing their work within the airport. French artist, Jean-Michel Othoniel displays COSMOS, a large and intricate globe installation that symbolizes the path of travelers around the world taking inspiration from the oldest Islamic Astrolabe that can be found in MIA’s collection. Dutch artist Tom Claassen has produced a series of sculptures of the Oryx, which appear in herd formation in the arrivals hall. American sculptor Tom Otterness transforms public art into Other Worlds through playgrounds for children to discover and play. His style is often described as cartoonish and cheerful, and his pieces here are accompanied by miniature Arab figures.

Other featured international artists include KAWS, Adel Abdessemed, Maurizio Cattelan, Don Gummer, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer, Marc Quinn, Anselm Reyle, Rudolf Stingel and Bill Viola.

Jean-Michel Othoniel. COSMOS
Jean-Michel Othoniel. COSMOS
"I try to make work that speaks a common language that people understand, a visual language that doesn’t intimidate them."
Tom Otterness

The Nurseries of El Dorado is a representation of an almost mythical world. Comprising of a number of bronze sculptures, Quinn creates a series of hybrid plants by taking elements from different vegetation and carefully piecing them together, before casting them in bronze.

Rudolf Stingel’s work reflects on the passage of time. Stingel covered three surfaces with reflective, aluminium-faced insulation panels, before inviting members of the construction team to draw on the soft walls at the time of the airport’s construction. The walls were then cast in copper and electroplated with gold, before a number of pieces were selected for permanent display at the airport.

 'Untitled' by Rudolf Stingel, reflective, aluminium-faced insulation panels
Rudolf Stingel, 'Untitled'

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