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Heritage Sites of Qatar

Economic development as well as urban and demographic growth have had a dramatic impact on Qatar over the last fifty years. As the landscape continues to change, so do the ways of living.

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QM is committed to discovering, excavating, conserving, protecting, and promoting the heritage sites of Qatar that flourished long ago, thereby taking the cultural experience beyond the walls of museums. Conservation and outreach activities of the department play an essential role in preserving Qatar’s heritage—from prehistory through the Middle Ages, the Islamic period, and beyond—and putting modern communities in touch with their past. The department oversees heritage sites all over Qatar, works with foreign and domestic research teams, and engages in collaborative projects abroad. Qatar’s Heritage Sites include Al Zubarah, Qatar’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site; the Barzan Towers; the heritage village of Al Jumail; the 19th century desert forts Al Rakayat and Al Thaqab; the Abbasid settlement of Murwab; and the rock art site Al Jassasiya.

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