Our purpose

Our purpose as an organisation is to be a cultural instigator for the creation generation.

This is an ambition that we will deliver together as a group of museums and heritage sites to help fulfill the cultural goals of the 2030 Qatar National Vision. Our brand purpose also aligns with our organisational vision – to develop, promote and sustain the cultural sector at the highest standards.

At the heart of this is a commitment to helping Qatar originate art, culture and heritage experiences from within.  This enables us to have an extraordinary impact on the world and have the rest of the world understand us in return.

We will create and support the next generation of cultural audiences.  We will generate a national spirit of participation.  We will inspire audiences and producers of the future.

We are changing our culture from within, but at the same time we are reconnecting with our traditions. It is important for us to grow organically.
H.E. Sheikha Al Mayassa, QM Chairperson

Our priorities

In order to deliver on such a big social ambition for Qatar Museums, we have three strategic priorities:

Taking Museums Beyond Four Walls
This is taking the cultural experience beyond the four walls of a museum into the world at large so that more people can take part.

Nurturing Emerging Talent
This is creating the conditions for creativity and cultivating new talent, inspiring the next generation of cultural producers.

Creating a Platform for the Voice of Qatar
This is taking our own distinctive place within global debates on culture and creativity, having our own cultural message, and highlighting our own stars.

As we deliver on these three principles, we will be able expand everyone's creative horizons.

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