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Our exhibitions appeal to a wide range of audiences. View a list of the shows currently on view, as well as a selection of our biggest hits from the past.

Now open

Grey Times

Temporarily closed

Fire Station, Garage Gallery

The exhibition marking the end of the Artist in Residence Programme this year comes at a unique and exceptional moment due to the global outbreak of Covid-19 that had an unprecedented impact.

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Coming soon

Mal Lawal 3

Coming soon

National Museum of Qatar

Mal Lawal (‘of the past’) is an exhibition that, since 2012, has showcased an incredible range of local and regional collectors. This third edition focuses on 26 Qatari general collectors and two Qatari car collectors and their collections.

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Coming soon

Kader Attia: On Silence



Modern and contemporary history holds some of the noisiest tragedies that humanity has lived through, and our present moment is affected by the traumatic memories of these events. 

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