Discover our new city walls, starting November 16th  2020!

JEDARIART brings together artists to add vibrancy and meaning to the walls across the city through murals and street art. The aim of JEDARIART is to activate urban areas and promote artistic intervention starting at the Fire Station walls and designated districts creating new reference points for people to go and visit across the city.

JEDARIART, held in partnership with The Supreme Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places, QRail, Woqod, and the Fire Station: Artist in Residence, will see participating artists make their individual artistic mark at Al-Abraj Park, Al-Asmakh area, Doha Festival City Interchange, Alkhor Interchange, Post Office Park, 5/6 Park, 5/6 Flyover, Qatar National Library Metro Station and the Woqod Petrol Station in Fereej Kulaib. The designated locations will provide a tangible sense of space for the community, and by serving as a new touristic attraction, increase foot traffic through neighbourhoods.

Experience the making of our JEDARIART murals by:


Mubarak Al Malik

“I am searching for purity of origin without neglecting innovation and modernism.”  
Location: Fire Station  - Al Abraj Park 


Huda Basahal

“My paintings and art works are at the intersection of Abstraction and realism.”  
Location: Fire Station


Noura Al Mansoori  

"I work with surrealism art, and I use mixed media and materials."
Location: Fire Station


Dimitrije Bugarski

Known as DeeDee, his work combines realism with abstraction through his focus on street art, as a way of using public art as an urban intervention.  
Location: Fire Station


Nada Khozestani

An artist who loves Qatari culture,  and is inspired by Qatar’s nature and colours.
Location: Fire Station


Sharefa Al Mannai

Sharefa’s artwork is surrealism meeting collage in a whimsical and quirky style.   
Location coming soon


Thamer Al Dossari  

I focus on surrealism art, using unusual or unexpected subjects.  
Location coming soon


Fatima Al Sharshani

Fatima has given her written words more power through the form of traditional and modern calligraphy.  
Location: Post Office park


Michael Perrone

“It is my hope, that by sharing a part of my ‘American Life’ with people from my ‘Life in Qatar’, I will be able to ease the emotional gulf caused by the Covid19 Pandemic and our new social isolation.”  
Location: Doha Festival City Interchange


Maryam Al Maadhadi

Focusing on the theme of Qatari tradition through storytelling, Maryam aims to enrich the narrative of tradition through art.  
Location: Post Office Park


Shuaa Al Kuwari

“Since my childhood, I have loved all arts especially reading, writing and drawing. What I liked most is Cubism as I find myself in it greatly.”
Location: 5/6 Park Control Room


Haifa Al Khuzaei

“I focus on the continuous pursuit of the development of our country in all fields.”  
Location: Woqod - Fareej Kulaib


Abdulaziz Yousef

Abdulaziz Yousef is a Qatari artist experimenting with new visual experiences using different mediums including caricatures, animation, multimedia, traditional artwork on canvas, graphic illustration, and sculpting.  
Location: Interchange of Al Tarfa and Al Khor Interchange 


Abdulla Alemadi

A self-taught artist who draws his inspiration from manuscript illustrations, mythologies from different cultures as well as the surrealist movement.  
Location: Al Abraj Park


Alanoud Al Ghamdi

“What I hope to accomplish with my art is the spread of a message of authenticity, heritage, unity, and peace through using Arabic calligraphy in a modern and artistic way.”  
Location: QNL Metro Station


Aisha Al Fadhala

Since childhood, Aisha’s fondness for cartoon and illustration continued to grow as she travelled around the world, drawing inspiration from different arts and styles she encounters.
Location coming soon


Muna Al Bader

Also known as Artist of Blue, Muna is an example of a woman who has utilized her talent to inspire women and people in general.
Location coming soon

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