Research - collections and programs

Children’s Museum Internship

Children’s Museum

Cross-departmental – Learning & Outreach, Design & Interpretation, Curatorial & Collections

The projects that the student might expect to be engaged in could include several of the following:

  • Content research for specific exhibit concepts
  • Programme and resource development and delivery for children and families
  • Research and development focused on accessibility
  • Audience Development
  • Collections research
  • Visitor consultation and tracking

Internship will be tailored to the candidate’s interests as well as the current projects of the museum.

January 1st till April 30th, 2019                                 

1-2 days per week

We are looking for somebody that has a keen interest in outcomes for children and families. Qualifications might include Design, Museum and Gallery Practice, Education, Engineering, History, but we are open to applications from other educational backgrounds.

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