Illustration and graphic design

Archaeological Pottery Documentation and Illustration Internship

Division of Cultural Heritage/Archaeology Department

This placement focuses on the documentation of archaeological pottery vessels discovered in Qatar. Working with the Archaeology Collection Management team, this placement offers a unique opportunity to learn about different types of pottery which is considered the leading object in archaeology. The placement will also show through dedicated lectures the pottery making process, from clay to vessel. The student will learn the registration system and acquire a working methodology in dealing with this important archaeological material from the field to the final storage. The placement will also introduce the pottery illustration techniques

January 1st till April 30th, 20191-2 days per week

Undergraduate or Postgraduate Student of History/Museum Studies. The placement is open to students from related disciplines and academic back grounds; however, a good knowledge of English is essential, together with an interest in archaeological ceramics and pottery and ability in hand-drawing.

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